16 AESTHETIC iPhone App Layouts! (Custom icons & wallpaper)

CUSTOM aesthetic iPhone background and app icons! vintage, grunge, beachy, pastel, minimal, + vaporwave!

Aesthetic Wallpapers Pinterest board //

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Today, I’m showing you guys 2 backgrounds for each aesthetic that exists. There are obviously way more aesthetics out there but I couldn’t cover all of them! Which is your favorite?

1. Download shortcuts app if you have iOS 12 or higher
2. Create shortcut
3. Open App — choose app you want to make
4. Tap settings (2 sliders in upper right)
5. Change title of shortcut, choose icon and color
6. Add to home page!

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27 thoughts on “16 AESTHETIC iPhone App Layouts! (Custom icons & wallpaper)

  1. Can you stop saying aesthetic like that
    And can you stop acting like your so cool cuz when you do that it is actually very weird

  2. You can do it another way you just go to settings and click on wallpaper and it will show all of your photos and you just click on picture that you want and you can just screenshot the photo that you want on Pinterest but thank you for making another way I love your vids keep up the good work❤️👍

  3. my aesthetic is like… idfk i love gore, horror and grunge stuff. but my iPhone is the yellow XR. and i love cute things… but in a horror thoughtful way like ooh daisies and flowers but that's a murderers least favorite flower cause his abusive mother was named Daisy? ya feel the vibe? ig you could say SOFT grunge. 🤔


    Do not use the word “aesthetics” as this chick uses it in this video, please. Save yourself the embarrassment and save fluent English speakers the need to cringe when they hear you use that word this way. It is extremely bad English and makes no sense at all.

    ✅ 1st) Aesthetics is an adjective. Not a noun, however there is one exception to making it a noun in a sentence.. It describes something as being visually beautiful and pleasing in an artistic way. It is most often used to described someone who has a keen sense for what is truly physically beautiful. Please don’t rape the English language like that.

    A proper use example of this adjective is, “Dr. Brasher finds your artwork aesthetically pleasing. “

    As a noun:
    “Dr. Brasher has a well developed sense of aesthetics.”

    As you can hopefully see that aesthetics are not objects you can buy or count in any way whatsoever. Her words, “Okay, so the first aesthetic we’re going to start out with…”
    First, second, and third aesthetics doesn’t exist. That is not a thing. You can’t have 5 aesthetics either. That is only her taking the definition of one word (customizations or modifications, pick either) and applying it to another word, then pretending the latter word’s age-old definition doesn’t exist. All because she thinks the latter word sounds cooler. That is not how language works! 🙄

    ✅ 2Nd) The customizations she introduces, like “vintage, retro, grungy, plain, etc… are also all adjectives.

    ✅ 3rd) There is a universal rule in the English language that explicitly explains that adjectives can ONLY describe nouns. Adjectives CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be used to describe adverbs, verbs or adjectives. Nor anything else. ONLY NOJNS.

    ✅ 4th) The best way to know the meaning of any adjective when a definition seems vague to you, or just to see if you are using an adjective properly, is to look up its synonyms and antonyms. Your adjective in a sentence should be able to be easily replaced by the synonyms with only minimal changes needed if any at all. Antonyms can be more helpful at times because seeing the adjectives opposite can often bring more clarity than synonyms, especially since this adjective is fairly unique in definition.

    Now you are irresponsibly repeating “aesthetics” with improper use and spreading ignorance of modern language. I mean, you are only have to speak one language fluently. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to do a little research before going in a gung-ho and raping the dictionary. This adjective has been violated!

  5. I have iOS 13.2 & when I click on shortcuts I don’t have the “library” as the first pop up or anywhere on the app. Has anyone else had this issue? If so help a girl out

  6. What’s so sad is barely any of my friends know or have Pinterest and they probably think like why would you have an app like that so sad so barely anyone I know has Pinterest 😢

  7. I wish i had more subscribers😔
    I seriously dont know why i keep watching your videos even though i dont have an iphone

  8. I just love you i cant actually stop myself from watching you
    Idea of a new video
    How you make your youtube video and how you edit it

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