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If you’re trying to find a wallpaper in this video there is more than 200 wallpaper just screenshot , all of them are not mine but I searched a lot to find them & for free so you dont need to spend hours finding the perfect wallpaper for your phone or for literally anything ! they’re Aesthetically pleasing & tumblr too XOXOX – Flowerina Enjoy 💗

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43 thoughts on “200 & More tumblr iPhone Wallpaper Ideas | Flowerina

  1. i literally screenshotted ALL of them so i can use them as backgrounds whenever i want
    i thought it would be easier to screenshot instead of searching them on the internet

  2. I recommend an app called “Background” if you want a good wallpaper. It was very helpful for me! Whenever I get sick of MY wallpaper, I simply go to the app and instantly see a picture I love!

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