48 thoughts on “Aesthetic ways to organize your iPhone

  1. I just changed to iPhone and this is the first thing that pops up on my YouTube as soon as I opened it

  2. Litterally the only reason I have an Android is bc I can yeet my phone down a full flight of stairs (I've done it before) and it will be perfectly fine

  3. Android can be aesthetic I had android for 2 years and my phone was aesthetic but then I switched to Apple but point is android can be aesthetic 🤍🥺

  4. can yall stop talking about you need an iOS to do this? its getting really annoying. before i got my iphone, it worked perfectly for me. now that i have it it still looks the same.

  5. I just got a new phone. And looking at this hurt me. But same time I don't wanna to this… I'm lazy ASF but I got recommended this… How ..

  6. why yall keep discussing bout who is better when the video is about ( for the ones who cant see it is the apple), stop, can we get some peace pls

  7. I really want to organize my apps Into rainbow order but I don’t have a lot of apps bc I’ve deleted the ones I don’t use bc of my storage 🙄

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