38 thoughts on “Asphalt 7 – Xbox Windows Phone 8 Review

  1. Hi! I created new game, and would be very grateful if you could check it out, give me a feedback, and leave good rating! Thank you all!

  2. They need to do something about that ! You know i talk about games , i have a Nokia lumia 520 and i cant play modern combat because i have 512 ram and on an android phone i can play it anyway !

  3. *sigh* I thought everyone already knew this. Windows Phone 8 is based on a different kernel than 7, so 7 can't run apps written specifically for 8.
    -Nokia Lumia 800 user

  4. where is the download of asphalt 7 for my lumia 900 (512 RAM) with windows phone 7.8 fucking microsoft? thats bullshit…..the lumia 620 (512 RAM) has windows phone 8 (asphalt 7)…..my lumia 900 not….

  5. You playing very well bro….

    Listen window fan…..gameloft just optimize the game for all window phone cuz of money……the fact is window phone very suck and 10x suck than android phone…..you can see FPS drop…..WINDOW PHONE SUCK

  6. Yes, I use a clear case. It's a good compromise IMO because it allows most of the phone's beauty to show through. Damaging the phone due to dropping it would be so much worse.

  7. WP7.5 has a very less app support n now the launch of WP8 has taken the concentration of the developers away from WP7.5, which sucks really, i m a great fan of WP but cant affort WP8, thus no ASPHALT 7 🙁

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