29 thoughts on “Brother HL 2140 – How To Change Your Toner/Drum

  1. I have a Brother 2275DW printer and I had to replace the toner cartridge a few months ago and since that time it keeps on making me do resets on it. I did replace the cartridge with a Brother cartridge TN 420. Any ideas?

  2. If none of the Methods have resolved the issue for you, then better to get in touch with Brother (800) 975-0148 ( US & Canada ). Avoid doing anything too invasive that might void the product.

  3. Hi, I've the HL2040 printer had a paper jam problem when printing from the tray, two paper came out from the the tray one jamed in the cartridge, so I had to pull out the second one. Now I opened the printer to fix it but found that the pick up roller not rolling at all. But I can print through the manual feeder. Can u plz tell me why the roller not working? and how to fix it? Thanks

  4. 'Grab it..pull it up..and slide it out!'…easy on video…I could hook my toner and drum up to the tow of a truck and it still wouldn't come out! Will try a vice and see how I go! Thanks for vid..can see how it is supposed to work:)

  5. thanks! I have done whatever you taught following your instructions and even got a printing test sheet but not yet have any real printing done, the big blue tap turns grey soon… no idea what shall I do now! thanks a lot anyway.

  6. I have the exact printer, and have had it since 2008. I have never had to change the drum before, but with this video I learned where the drum was and how to change it. Thanks so much!

  7. Great except for the many variations of design (mind opens using side slots, the "blue" tab is green. etc) The instructions with the toner point to the clean tab but interpreting that to mean "roll back and forth" would take ESP. The old "English" instructions are now a thing of the past.

  8. well i pull on the drum/toner pulling either toards me or up it goes no where. i can even drag around the damn printer or lift the entire unit because its not coming out.

  9. Great, thankyou!  My problem was that I couldn't remove the Toner Cartridge and the drum!  I thought the lever had something to do with it.  I was pulling and tugging everywhere.  Great, simple and easy to follow video.

  10. Thanks so much for this excellent tutorial.
    The Brother laser printer is a great little printer too!  Have had it for years and it just keeps working !

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