[BVO 4.0] [Me + 2 easy Vs 6 Insane] Issho New World Bleach vs One Piece NEW Anime 2018

BVO is Bleach vs One Piece, is New World of bleach :).
i hope you will enjoy my video.
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Map download :

Music :
Xomu – Lanterns
Xomu – Tera
TheFatRat – Origin
TheFatRat – Elevate
Kayton – Light (NCN Release)
Naron – Dream Island
Ader – Time Files (NCN Release)
Eminem – Love The Way You Lie (Nightcore Remix)
Defqwop – Awakening
Amadeus – Legendary
Brian Rian Rehan – Infinite
Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette – Linked
Beto & Frosty – The Wild
Eyad Farag – Higher
MuraD – Seaside
Sk-Hall – So Far Away
Brian Rian Rehan – Afternoon
Kaito NTB – Limitless
N_30_N – Time
Dwi Juliandi – Avenue
F3rno & Mstfa – Long Way
Johan L – Fly with you
徐梦圆 -Night Sky
Ampyx – Holo

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20 thoughts on “[BVO 4.0] [Me + 2 easy Vs 6 Insane] Issho New World Bleach vs One Piece NEW Anime 2018

  1. There are two more item another ultima but it's blue and when you kill hitsugya down there you'll face a hidding sasuke at same place impossible to kill alone without dying over 30 time so i got bored and end it
    He will give you an orb you can mix it with linken sphere and the recipe costs 99999 it has magic immune
    The other ultima gives 1000 damage and 250 all attributes
    And frost nove chance

  2. Nice game but i played this game 1hour and 30 mins and ihave… currsed divine…corrupted dessolator..the item that needs frost orb and divine what it calls?? ..zanbato..ulta sord…ultima weapon hahha

  3. Hi bro(: im bvo player 4 3 years and i think im not noob/: bvo plays in Game Ranger but not so much but im there i ll be happy if u come and play with me (not exactly 1v1)

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