Data Analysis in Excel 6 – Fix Broken Links in Excel and Check Data Connections to Other Files

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This Excel Video Tutorial shows you how to diagnose, check, and repair external data connections between multiple workbooks in Excel. You will learn how to check the status of a connection to see if it needs to be repaired or updated and then how to search your computer to find the correct Excel workbook to which you need to link in order to fix the original workbook.

This is a great tutorial to view if you often work with workbooks that reference external workbooks for information and you need help troubleshooting some problems. In essence, this tutorial teaches you how to edit the links within your workbooks.

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9 thoughts on “Data Analysis in Excel 6 – Fix Broken Links in Excel and Check Data Connections to Other Files

  1. I have a bad link. I cannot break link, change source, nothing to remove from the workbook. The old file is probably deleted. I've attempted to ctrl + f after revealing formulas in the workbook to locate any cells with that original source to no avail.

    Are there any methods to just get rid of old links? I have to click through the update pop up box everytime I open this file which will equate to hundreds of times in the coming year alone.

  2. Hey, great work on here. I also wanted to ask how to navigate the teach excel website so I could download the files for your videos, I am having an issue finding them, thank you.

  3. @photastegood The worksheet might just be protected. That could prevent you from editing it. If you're in Excel 2007 go to the Review tab and click the button "Unprotect Sheet." If that doesn't work just private message me on here and I'll see what I can do.

  4. My Excels was working perfectly yesterday, but when I uploaded it to add more information, it says the modification is not allowed because the selection is locked. So now I can't type anything. Mind helping me?

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