34 thoughts on “DDJ-SB Advanced Techniques Tutorial

  1. This was really helpful. Very informative. I’m unable to find the next video following this one. Anyone able to send the link? Thanks.

  2. Hey, great tutorial. Question for you … can you use the sync button to bring the track playing out loud to match the track in the queue? that would seem to make more sense, being able to speed up the existing track to the incoming one.

  3. Hi mate I have an issue… like your vids so thought I'd see if you know.
    sb2 … analyse tracks in serato.. shiws bpm n key as tiud expectvin library… load track bpm does not show on virtual deck.says tap… which button on sb2 do i press please

  4. There are a lot of comments asking where people can buy samples from…DON`T. This is what has gone badly wrong, samples are for producers not effing DJ`s, if they were meant to be on the track they would be on there ! Why does every DJ want to be a smart ass these days, being a smart ass hitting bloody filter, effects and samples is not entertainment it is effing annoying. DJ = Disc Jockey = entertainer, it does not = producer. Know your music, feel the mood, get people on the floor, keep them on the floor and stop fucking around with the track !!!!!!

  5. Hi Pionner. I want to know if software Virtual DJ is good for mixing . If you can vive me some advice just enter on my chanel and say what i do bad or wrong .

  6. your videos made me better in play DJ. I bought pioneer DDJ – SB 2 weeks ago. How can i have the sampler song such as : kick, clap….. ???

  7. Hi guys. I have a used serato DDJ- SB I'm looking to get rid of. Excellent condition. Hit me on facebook, marquis mcclung

  8. how do you get that effect when pausing the track? It sounds like the vinyl coming to a stop, I own the DDJ SB2 and all it does is stop the track immediately.

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