DDJ-SB Serato DJ Controller Official Walkthrough

Pioneer launches the entry-level DDJ-SB two-channel controller designed for seamless access to Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ.

The DDJ-SB is even more compact and portable than the premium DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR controllers. Yet it offers the same intuitive operability, with plug-and-play access to the bundled Serato DJ Intro software’s loops, Hot Cues, samples and FX. Or DJs can purchase the full Serato DJ for plug-and-play control of even more exciting features.

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Raxon – You & Me – Alive Recordings
Download –
Cera Alba – Acetate – Alive Recordings
Download –
Mat Joe – It’s Your Groove – Alive Recordings
Download –

Zac Love – Hang Your Hat – Cold Busted
Download –
DJ Buzzword – Understand – Cold Busted
Download –

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45 thoughts on “DDJ-SB Serato DJ Controller Official Walkthrough

  1. Love this video, thank you. Any tips on how to train and get familiar with these unique features?
    Bought the controller and software so just looking for videos like these to learn and apply! <3

  2. What happens is that the Faded FILTER function of my Ddj sb is activated alone and is not disabled, I would like to know if there is any way to disable the FADE FILTER function of my DDJ-SB controller.

  3. I've got a ddj sb2. the problem is it doesn't work as a stand alone sound card. do you have any idea as to why? can it only play sound from serato? it's really annoying when I have to unplug ddjsb and plug in my other soundcard to listen to I.e. YouTube. any ideas? I'm using crappy windows 10.

  4. Olá quero pega uma dessas show mais vocês não tem esses vídeos com áudio brasileiro só achamos no Inglês e sem legenda

  5. I have a problem with the Pioneer DDJ SB2… basically after plugging in my controller, the decks will appear in Serato for a 2 seconds, then dissapear. I can control only the left deck with the controller, but it still says "hardware disconnected" at the top screen. I unplugged then replugged it several times, instal and reinstal Serato DJ Intro change the USB cable on my Win 10 Pro but ….nothing. I'm running the latest version of Serato DJ Intro – version 1.2.7 and I need the DDJ SB2 to work on my laptop!!! As I can see this is a very popular issue, can anybody help me?

  6. @vatsal katariya – you can find all the system requirements here https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/controller/ddj-sb/black/specifications

  7. on my laptop is Windows 10, but I can still put serato intro on my laptop. If I buy the pioneer DJs ddj- sb will it still work?

  8. My sb won't light up when it's finished with its fancy startup light show. So it won't let me press play while using Serato dj. What the hell happened?

  9. I'm a begginer dj and would like to buy my first gear. I have really set my eye on this one, but am not sure about the specs. Would this work on an AMD processor?

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