47 thoughts on “Dept. of Justice Cops #686 – Adrenaline Dump

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  2. At 28:00 two guys are fighting in chat. I don’t think that’s role play because he said bet you can’t touch me throw the key board lol

  3. I believe that when you made an impact on the truck you killed the driver on impact cuz you hit that truck really hard

  4. This was 10 out of 10. Thumbs up all around. Driving skills for this episode was impeccable. Made All the Right Moves except one you had a pistol instead of submachine gun. None the less 10 out of 10. And you almost got away if it wasn't for that stupid stupid cop in the way and and his little truck to LOL

  5. They didn't even know you were sitting in the truck. The hell with the Five O. Five of them fools went down never saw it coming. 131 miles an hour and it looks like he was driving a Mercedes. Fast and the Furious meet Set It Off. Let's see it again this time carry a submachine gun

  6. Polecat: "I'm going to mark it down as stolen. I don't't usually do that. "
    Also Polecat: "We spent every penny on this one for sure."


  7. everybody from the car show talkin shit you should have set up a race. you obviously would have smashed em but still

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