DIY IUI & Peak Fertility at Ovulation!🎉🥚

Hello friends! We are in the middle of our 8th round of fertility treatment! This vlog shared CD10, CD11, and CD12 so it’s a little longer. We share a couple of high and peak OPK (positive ovulation). We ran into a problem with both of us being sick, me dealing with an ovulation migraine, and reaching our peak fertility all in the same day! AHHHHH!!! That left us doing our own DIY IUI at home! Sometimes ttc is not pretty.😂😂😂

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42 thoughts on “DIY IUI & Peak Fertility at Ovulation!🎉🥚

  1. Thanks for following along! You guys, TTC is not always pretty and sometimes ya gotta get creative! Like….a DIY IUI at home! haha! If you wanna be Instagram friends – you can find me here!

  2. My husband is the same way- he doesn't have very big reactions either! I just got prescribed Letrozole and I was so excited and he was just like "I'm glad you're happy! I will be excited when we actually get pregnant" lol

  3. I wish I would have come across this video before! You guys are really helping my stress. I was born without a thyroid so hypothyroidism is a big issue here for me and I’ve been struggling so bad with ttc and it’s been so disheartening this past cycle but you’re laughing and you’re happy and it’s really helping me calm down and feel better and more patient about this. This is what I needed. I needed positivity. Thank you!! I hope the best for you both!!♥

  4. I second using softcups that's how we conceived baby's number 3 and 4… we also used pre seed lube with both… sending lots of baby dust ur way!! Xx

  5. I totally feel you. I am sailing in the same boat. You are such a sweetheart. Thanks for creating these videos. I wish we are blessed with a healthy baby very soon. We don't know each other but I totally know what you are going through. Bless you and your hubby for being so supportive

  6. I'm wishing you lots of sticky baby dust. I used the menstrual cup after baby dancing this month and I just got a positive pregnancy test the other day. fingerscrossed for you guys.

  7. I love watching your videos. They give me hope and strength to keep pushing. Praying that you get your rainbow baby. ❤️

  8. It’s extremely dangerous to refer to it as an IUI. If you put unwashed semen directly in the uterus, you can get very very sick, and as an influencer, you should try to be careful about accurate language. What you did was an intravaginal or intracervical insemination. Us lesbians are very familiar with this method. Any pharmacy can give you a 5 mL medicine syringe to use.

  9. I’m dying! Literally the way you talk about “baby dancing” is the same way I talk about it too. I’m about to ovulate this week too!!!

  10. My opk (same brand) was super dark this month and after a combined 3 1/3 years of trying (took a 6 month break in there) we are pregnant! REALLY hoping this is your month! Good luck and baby dust!

  11. This clearblue advanced tests gave me so much trouble when I was using them. I like the cheapies and then the regular clearblue digital to confirm.

    We had one good follicle at CD 13. I was happy! I just want one at a time.

  12. Just as an advice, dont push your husband too much and pressure him. No baby will come out from stress. Probably sometimes its a bit disturbing for your husband to share his sexual life and privacy with the world. Its not like he does not care, but maybe he is just embarassed… its not an easy thing to say to the entire world when and how you are having babies…

  13. I’m right there with you this cycle girl. I got a yeast infection from the doxycycline I had to take for my SHG of course right when our fertile window came. We did our best but missed the day before day of and after ovulation 🙁 hoping one made it through. Thinking of you girl!!

  14. When I got pregnant with my daughter we baby danced every single day that month 😅😅 I guess it worked!! We had a high drive…

  15. Hey carissa and Brian, I know the whole DIY iui thing all to well, in the UK, where I'm from we call it Ai- artificial insemination. If you ever try the cup again go and buy softcup. There so much better and easier to use, your have no leakage as it sucks to your cervix. Preseed is good lube to try as well. I'm in the process of trying soy isoflavones out, it's a natural clomid. Are you tempting in the morning? This will confirm ovulation for you. Look up fertility friend. It's a good resource. Anyway wishing you both every success.

    Wink wink… I'm now a new subscriber 🤗

  16. I'm 40+ TTC & yes the fertility cup works. Just tryed the same ovulation tests as u & I got my peak yesterday Soo let's see how it goes baby dust to us🙏🏾🤞🏾

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