DJI Phantom 3 Pro, 4K Drone! – 5 Awesome Features!

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I’ve been flying quadcoptors/drones for aerial cinema shots for many years, and my favorite, so far, is the Phantom 3 Professional! It has a ton of awesome features, but here are my top 5!
#1, the 4K camera. Captures RAW still photos, manual controls for exposure, ISO, etc. 4K video or 1080p at 60fps.
#2, Enhanced internal specs. Crazy fast GPS lock, holds tight in high winds. The 3-axis gimbal does a fantastic job of stabilizing the camera.
#3, DJI Lightbridge technology. Full HD video (FPV) downlink to your phone or tablet.
#4, Battery life. Can fly for approx 20-24 minutes on a single battery. Crazy fast, over 30 MPH! Crazy far, can fly over 3 miles away and still receive video feed.
#5, All-in-one, ready to fly (RTF), aerial photo and video system. Very portable, quick and easy to setup.
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29 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 3 Pro, 4K Drone! – 5 Awesome Features!

  1. I lost my control remote I need to buy a new control remote but I don't know what model I have to buy my drone it's Phantom 3 pro 4K model w323 which model control I have to buy help me please

  2. I will order it on very very website about 1.65 that the tax and the shipping is 40$ and the original is 20$ so it 61 with 65 cents

  3. Hi Good stuff. I have the phantom 3 4K. The controller has only one port mini or micro. I bought a new controller module with 4 pots min hdmi usb mini and another port. I wanted to use this drone with the fat shark googles. When I got the new controller module the ribbon on my original module was a very small ribbon but in the new module it was a wide larger ribbon.
    I returned the module. Do you know what's going and why I can seem to adapt a new control module to my existing controller? Thanks

  4. Two errors in this tutorial :- flight time is only 18 minutes end not 24 mibutes. – Distance of 1500 meters and not 5 thousand meters

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