DJI Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced, Quick Start Guide, Setup & How To

I take you through the process from box to flying of your Phantom 3. I cover charging of the battery, registering the P3, mounting your tablet, calibrating compass and basic guide to the App.

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Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom3 Pro

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Phantom 3 Pro:
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42 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 3 Pro/Advanced, Quick Start Guide, Setup & How To

  1. Boa tarde MARIONVILLE: preimeiramento parabens pelas suas elucidaçãoes tecnicas, sou seu fã.

    " Tem como configurar meu PHANTOM 3 ADVANCED ou PRO para o modulo FCC??…se sim como faço??

  2. Nice refresher for me. My health and eyes have kept me grounded for 2 years. This was helpful for bringing me up to speed again. I don't think I had more than 10 flightson my P3 Pro before my eyeballs went wacko, but are now back under my control.

  3. Great video. I have had my P3 advanced for about 2 years now.. blowing the dust off it for another run and decided I wanted a refresher course since I have shelved it for almost a year. I relearned everything I forgot plus learned a few things more. Very comprehensive video, thank you.

  4. Having just just set up my P3, following your instructions, my screen looks very different, including no fn for camera an no where near as much info at bottom of screen for distance etc…why us this?

  5. Just bought a second hand one – so still very useful, thank you (especially pushing the charger into the remote which takes that extra push!).

  6. Hello I just supported your page I gave you the thumbs up to subscribe and I hit the Bell please do the same for my channel support each other thank you

  7. I bought a Phantom 3 last year in Singapore. I still have not got the thing flying mainly because of two things. One the instructions are all in Chinese, now I have managed to overcome that somewhat because a friend of mine teaches Chinese students English. So although partly solved the instruction problem is not fully solved. I do need good English instructions.  The second problem seems more difficult. Most of the minor controls on the controller are different from what I have seen on the instruction videos.  The on / off switch sits beside the charging lights, that is no problem thought.  There are two fiddly controls at the top of the controller. The one on the right is called S 1 and the one on the left is called S 2  both these switches are three position.  The bracket to hold an I pad or phone are nothing like the extendable brackets I see on this video. Actually mine looks cheap and badly made, it is just simply a clamp, which will not accept an I pad.  Now I could continue here but the reason I am sending this message is to find out if anyone can help me with this problem.  I actually live in the Philippines, but if there is nowhere I can get help in the Cebu area I am going to Perth W. Australia in the new year. Does anyone know anywhere in Perth that can help me ?

  8. Well, i got one for 295 euros, mint condition. From my friend. Good deal? Advanced one. I just flew it for the first time 🙂

  9. I just got my phantom 3 4k version. On the DJI go app, what do I set it up for? All I see is standard, professional, advanced and SE. Which one do I select

  10. My professional arrives later today and after watching many videos about how to get started you have relieved a lot of stress about me making mistakes, thank you.

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