DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review | 4K Video Drone Quadcopter Review

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review | 4K Video Drone Quadcopter Review

Hey techies! Here’s my full review of the DJI phantom 3 professional. I had this drone for at least 5 months (since release date). This is my first drone and I’ve a huge fan of it! It’s a blast to fly, but at the same time there are also a bunch of practical uses as well.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Unboxing:
4K Test Video Link:

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Camera equipment:
Manfrotto 502 fluid head –
Manfrotto Tripod –
Konova K2 Slider –
Panasonic GH4 –
18-55 Lens –
Sony FDR-A100 –

Desk Setup
Ikea desk –
Drawers/Cabinet –
Drawers/Cabinet w. wheels –
Computer Stand/Cabinet –
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32 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review | 4K Video Drone Quadcopter Review

  1. Great Vid bro!! I like the way you done it. No mumbo – jumbo and directly to the point. Quick and precise on the review. Great job.

  2. good job man I have had mine for 3 years and never flown it because I was to afraid I would crash it you have made me wanna fly it right away hopefully my two batterys are ok I will check out there health first thanks again for a great and informative video.

  3. Hvor er det træls det musik skal være så latterlig højt, er alle døve eller er det bare dumme mennesker der laver video

  4. Look at this other ignorant YouTube sheep. Look at the title and the lack of grammar. DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review I 4K Video Drone Quadcopter Review blah blah blah. You already said review, how mamy times you have to say it? And, Drone*, what actually is a bullshit drone If it is a *Quadcopter*? And, *Review what other review is there? Just like any dumb fuck on YouTube who thinks he's the only one who made yet another review of the same thing over and over and thinks he's a professional, yet can't even spell, write and talk sense, yet think he makes sense, YouTube is full of ignorant, poorly educated, low IQ illiterate sheep who think they are educated, the same goes with this sheep who has no idea what 'drone' is or means. Yet, the stupid idiot thinks that 'drone' is a name, a machine, a radio controlled plane or multirotor a mechanical bird, a military aircraft, a rocket, what else is there called drone? Sadly these brain dead retards have no idea because of the lack of proper education but expect others to follow their stupidity. Sadly, that's the case where one poorly educated dunce seems to follow another uneducated dunce and believes that 'drone' is a name, all thanks to the ignorant Yankees illiterates who have no fucking idea themselves what 'drone' is, or means. They all seem to be suffering from a silent mental disability, a disease known as MCI Mild Cognitive Impairment. It's the stage between the expected cpgnitive decline of normal aging and the more serious decline of dementia. It can involve problems with memory, language, thinking and judgment that are greater than normal age-related changes. So, try and explain these stooges what damage they do to themselves when they take a cocktail of poisons, artificial drinks, foods laced with chemicals, all the illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other poisons they've been taking for generations to generations, form one parent passing it to their unborn babies who become kids with the same habit and getting sick themselves and then passing it on to their own unborn babies, turning them and future children into brain damaged retards. And this is what we have now, adults with the mental capacity of at least 8 to 13 year olds, lacking the ability of learning everything that normal, sane people would. But the decline of fathering normal and naturally intelligent kids seem to be a thing of the past, long before the roaring '20s, a time when drugs started to appear. And how can we help these people now? Drone my ass!

  5. Did you register your Phantom 3 Pro with the FAA? And do you have to radio in or call into the FAA every time you taking flight, and do you have to make a flight path before taking flight??

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