34 thoughts on “DJI SPARK/ Test Battery Mod 1500mah and Test Max Hight – Spark thử bay bằng Pin LiPO

  1. ok im freaking lost here where is the battery information at? how do you know how much batt you got left? that's like running a car with out a gasoline indicator.

  2. folks dont do this why spark uses telem from the battery notice the na… how does your spark know when to land via a data line thats why spark has so many connections 2 grounds 2 power and 2 or more data lines… and how will you know first you have no feedback you can only fly then land in 10 minutes and take a cell reading…. but with a expensive spark thats bad heres why if a cell starts going bad mid flight how are you gunna know you cant see the voltages… also return to home automatically wont work youll have ot manually do it so if your careless with your time and dont use a stop watch on your cell phone and i mean one in your pocket and not the one your using the app on or a mental count then your screwed.. just buy a dji battery spend the 40 bucks

  3. flight time increased compared to original battery ? did you tried other mods with larger capacity ? eg. 1800 or 2200 mah ?

  4. привет. можно ли с основным аккумулятором подключить еще один аккумулятор чтобы было больше ёмкости и чтобы через приложение DJI GO4 отображалось время на сколько хватит полёта?

  5. hello friend how did you make the connector, teach me how to do it and lose the telemetry how long the flight sends a video explaining the step by step of the assembly

  6. @HAN Toys hi there,can you give me link DJI Assistant 2 v1.1.0 ? plz upload to mediafire or zippyshare etc. email plz the link igitkamseno@gmail.com
    Thank u so much

  7. Hello, your video is very good and how you can do this connector can help me and give me the step by step I will be happy if you help me

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