Fallen Kingdom: The Complete Minecraft Music Video Series

The full tetralogy of Fallen Kingdom Minecraft songs in one video for you to be able to watch through uninterrupted.

Fallen Kingdom:
Take Back the Night:
Find the Pieces:

Songs playlist ►

Modeling, rigging, animation, post production, and effects by Bootstrap Buckaroo (All):

Vocals by TryHardNinja (All):
Audio production by Peter Litvin:
Audio production by DocExx Music (FK, TBTN):
Sound FX Dan Pugsley (FTP, DH):
Vocal engineering by Jerry Farley (FK, TBTN, FTP)

Animation by Slamacow (TBTN, FTP):
Animation by CaptainSparklez (FK, TBTN, FTP):
Animation by Mama’s Boy: (FTP, DH)
Animation by DillonGoo (DH):
Animation by Guruith (DH):
Animation and Modeling by Weedlion (FTP, DH):

Some sets by FyreUK (All):

Thanks for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated 🙂

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46 thoughts on “Fallen Kingdom: The Complete Minecraft Music Video Series

  1. I remember when this was my Minecraft. I didn't have Minecraft on anything but this was all I needed. Coming back here makes me miss having a simple life. This video brings tears of nostalgia to my eyes.

  2. I am German so sorry for my english.
    I am happy that i grown up with a diamond sword with sharpness 5 and not with a golden scar.

  3. Man I remember coming home and watching all of the Minecraft songs over and over again nothing will be better the that feeling you get when watching them

  4. hey look it's a Minecraft video that's cu-
    oh… oooh! wtf no! wtf is happening please stop…
    is this… depression?
    my life is no longer the same…

  5. Hey, if you dont want 3:49 happening to you, call 800-273-8255. Please, if you are having suicidal thoughts, get some help.

  6. 21:21 The father raises his hand towards the son showing one finger
    The son: I am … Minecraft
    Proceeds to end king pigman's whole carrer

  7. I remember when I was listening these at elementary school and now I’m high school damn what a nostalgia for me but when the son dies at the end my all heart just chrushed in to atoms

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