45 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 4: Brienne and Arya (HBO)

  1. 1:54
    Ah, you mean, drop a knife from one hand into the other when in grappling?
    Common sense taught her that. It's half the reason to run when you see a guy with a knife, unless you got a firearm or an axe or smth.

  2. Why do the heroic fighters of Westeros not know how to fight? This should have been one sword swing and one kick or tackle followed by "Fighting and dancing are not the same thing, my lady."

  3. The more you see this stuff, the more you think…just hard swing right to left at 3 feet. Shows only ever really show swings that can be easy to rehurse. Edit in some HARD hits for a change.

  4. Brienne repeatedly tells Podrick to "never lunge."  Yet, with almost every swing of her own sword, and in almost every combat she's ever in, she lunges.  Usually, she can usually win simply on the resilience of her armor and her own strength and stamina.  But she's been extremely lucky…

  5. Apparently by this time the show runners were letting the actors decide what they wanted to do with the characters. This was an extremely dumb scene. One has to assume training that was never shown or even implied on the show. Writers have to be careful about making charactors OP. And this set up the stupid death of the Night King.

  6. The show is ruined and will always be ruined. I will go down as the worst Ending by the dumbest writers ever

  7. in the gaming world this translates to;
    When you're a High level Free player looking at a lower level Pay-to-play Player rising up the ranks. 😀

  8. As much as I like the scene, that is NOT how you train! Twohanded forceful swing with a steel sword against the head without helmet? Blunt sword or not, if Arya misses one dodge she is on pair with Hodor

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