Google Stadia's Launch Is Already A Disaster

This isn’t going to do much for Stadia’s reputation.
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Author: admin

26 thoughts on “Google Stadia's Launch Is Already A Disaster

  1. Hey, Xbox one,PS4, Nintendo Switch and especially PC, what else do you need?
    Well, what about game systems from the past? Nes, Snes and Sega and ps2 and GameCube?

  2. “With no Lag or Latency” that could be the title of a Sinatra song. Give me a world with no lag or latency. Lmfao imagine it. Lmao

  3. Initial console purchase, monthly subscription purchase and full purchase price of the games…. I heard it was about $150 for the console and $120 a year subscription I’d rather just dump another $1/200 initially and have a console that’s a safe bet. It the yearly/monthly subscription gave you the games I MIGHT be interested. I tried streaming Fallout New Vegas on the PS4 for PS now… it was very laggy. I don’t really want to spend that much on a gamble… especially one that’s only streaming.

  4. I seriously don't understand how this has a financial advantage over buying a console. $10/month x 5 years (average life of a console) = $600. Plus $130 upfront for the hardware you'll need = $730. It's like buying a PS4 at launch, but paying $10/month plus interest, except you don't own the games you buy.

  5. BUT!!!! The Wii U had all of the Wii library that it could play at launch. Yeah they were older games but so is 85% of the launch games for Stadia.

  6. Monthly subscription, pay fuel price to stream games, still pay for lootboxes and micro transactions. And there are dumb asses that’ll pay for it

  7. I am a massive Destiny 2 fan. I am on PC, XB1 and Ps4 and I ha e absolutely no interest in Stadia. I LOVE Destiny 2 and another platform is awesome but I would go with playing Destiny 2 on the Switch before Stadia.

  8. XCloud's early access is already better than Stadia's actual launch lineup. I can play XCloud with a controller I already own and the impression I get is that game pass will probably feature in some way so no compulsory full price game purchases. Hell, you'll be able to play with a dualshock at some point

  9. Lol😂😂,you will be playing Watch Dogs 3 in a cofee bar with 5 g wifi in the next years,thanks to Stadia

  10. Having seen multiple YouTube video reviews of xCLOUD, Beta Testers are reporting stream delays, downloadable content delays, analog stick latency, frame drops, stuttering, pixelation, sound dropout, etc.. Stadia rollsout starting next week. xCLOUD is essentially a console farm. Stadia is a server based Cloud Gaming platform designed from the ground up to stream at a high quality 4K UHD/HDR, 60 FPS, in 5.1 surround sound. I'd rather have 12 titles in a high quality Cloud Gaming experience than 50 games of barely playable content. Stadia values quality over quantity and is currently in a curated rollout.

  11. Now im NOT supporting the Stadia but, what's wrong with "old" games?

    And half these games are only a year or so old..

  12. I read almost half the comments and they all say stadia is garbage. Google can see this lol if i were them id pull back and reevaluate before they face the wrath of gaming reveiws

  13. idk how well its going to do honestly and i dont plan on getting it but you pay 10$ a month,i believe its 10, for a collection of games you can play for free even on a older laptop,thats suppose to be one of the big selling points that even if you laptop/desktop is not a gaming pc you can play them in high quality,and i didnt expect them to have a whole set of new games,of course they will use already released games,they released lists of them games you'll get, for me i like having a hare copy of my games

  14. Did they expect the stadia to come out with a whole bunch of games that aren’t out yet or expect them to create their own games? E

  15. While everybody else has a console this is my first one so yeah it’s good stop talking trash about it

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