Half-Life Free Download (PC)

This video shows you how to download and install Half-Life (1998 game) for free on PC.


Half-Life Download (PC):

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)



Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.

Q: Does this game include the add-ons
A: Yes all of the Half-Life add-ons such as Team Fortress are included in this download.

Q: I got a unable to load authentication library error, what should I do 🙁
A: It’s really easy to fix that – check out this video:

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48 thoughts on “Half-Life Free Download (PC)

  1. Hi everyone, so because it's very difficult to respond to comments on YouTube (most of the times I don't even receive a notification), I've have added a comment section to the website. I'd ask that for any problems download or running the game, please leave a comment on the website so that you can get better help

  2. keeps crashing, I've reinstalled it but it crashes again, any help? I also tried running it as administrator but nothing changed it still crashes

  3. used viruscheck, no viruses.
    only annoying thing is that when you download the dlcs it seperates em and makes a mess on your desktop

  4. how does this game works in LAN game please , when i create a server the IP address is 169.256 APIPA and not my local address 192.168. x .x

  5. Is this the original version or is this the updated steam version?

    EDIT: What I mean by this is this version or

  6. this is the proof it dosent have viruses https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1e078ad4a81dc59bbd2c6fe7a71e2df0c9171a3117c415d7e058033a6b14d78e/detection

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