44 thoughts on “[HD] 2013 The Huntresses – Ha Ji Won Belly Dancing

  1. Ha Ji Won is so Hot. I'm gay for her. And to those who are complaining about this belly dancing what do y'all expect? She's a versatile actress not a professional belly dancer, but she did her best and for me she nailed it! 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Omaya… Watch the whole movie and one could appreciate it as a whole. If you dont, then dont spread hate. Lets just agree to disagree. Too much hate just because of a short clip but never knew the movie's rationale and the type of movie is it. You cant simply compare a true to life story of a legit belly dancer with this type of fictional movie and a comedy as well. About the black paint??? Go watch it as well to know the story behind it. ✌

  3. Korea historical drama is a joke, black ppl in ancient Korea?? lol there is never a historical documents says Black ppl came to East Asia, there was only documents about europeans/middle eastern come to East Asia.
    Please respect the history lol

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