How I Made 16 KD in Season 6 | Adrenaline Rush

It is end of Season 6! So I’d put all my epic montage into one video.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! : D

Device used: iPad Pro 11″
Claw user

Instagram: blackie_bumbum

My control layout and sensitivity is on my Discord

I am starting a FB page!
I’ll go live on facebook more often now!

Music used:
Jesse Warren (Spektrem) – Miles Above You [Progressive House]


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22 thoughts on “How I Made 16 KD in Season 6 | Adrenaline Rush

  1. Become like BumBum
    1) Gaming Smartphone
    2) Perfect WiFi Connection
    3) Driver that drift like a God
    4) 3 Pro teammates taht know how to play in sync with you
    5) 4 finger claw skills, train until God level
    6) Amazing settings for yourself
    7) Incredible recoil control trained until u are almost like a hacker XD
    8) Have courage to rush enemies and not die, always thirst for blood
    And….. U… Can.. Be.. A.. PUBG YouTube XD

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