How long do dermal fillers really last? MRI scans provide evidence.

Dr. Gavin Chan and Dr. Mobin Master discuss the longevity of temporary hyaluronic acid fillers. They challenge the common belief that these fillers last 6 to 18 months by using evidence from MRI scans of patients who have had filler.


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34 thoughts on “How long do dermal fillers really last? MRI scans provide evidence.

  1. Share with us your experience with dermal fillers and how long they have lasted for you? We would be very interested to hear what your experience has been.

  2. The thought of the filler becoming permanent scares me a lot lol but looking at Courteney Cox that had that big pillow face, but was able to remove it years later and look like her old self again makes me feel better

  3. The filler under my eyes is still there after 2.5 years now.. I was told it would only last 8 months and that the bulge was just from the filler somehow creating a skin pocket or something. Glad to know I can get rid of it if I want to 😊

  4. I've had Voluma on the sides of my mouth for several years and it's STILL there (so far it hasn't migrated)… I've been getting sculptra in my cheeks for several years also, app. every 6 months… sculptra takes so long to show results that it's hard to tell how long it really lasts especially if you have regular touchups… sculptra also causes granulomas NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE PERSON DOING THE INJECTIONS IS… and no matter how diligent you are about the aftercare massaging… so keep that in mind… however it does look more natural overall imo… I primarily use sculptra because it's totally inert; it causes your body to manufacture its own collagen, unlike synthetics… with that being said, I think the hyaluronic fillers are good too because you get instant results and it's reversible if you don't like it or have a bad reaction, unlike sculptra…

  5. Nice review. I authored Volume Rejuvenation, an anatomical approach, published by Thieme. The anatomical spaces of the face are being explored as well as the fat compartments. Unfortunately, commerce and patient pressures continue to be ahead of the research. All technics taught should be reverse engineered by radiologic study and or cadaver dissection, but this sadly is not the case.

  6. Great video. Thank you.
    I was going to have some fillers in my face in January but my plastic surgeon recommended to do rather fat filling with my own fat which is going to be from my inner thighs. Said that using my own fat is way more natural than using any other things/stuff. Wish me luck 🙂

  7. Could this be due to fillers not being as advanced as they are now. I am seriously considering fillers but I don't want to make matters worse. Thank you for these videos. The info given is priceless!

  8. I’ve been getting my lips done for the past 7 years, in that time I’ve had about 1ml a year. I have some filler that had pocketed into soft lumps, not sure if that’s due to the injectors technique or just a build up of filler. Some of these lumps of filler are 2.5 years old. A lot the cosmetic injectors I’ve spoken too about the lumps are confused to why they haven’t disappeared by now but this video somes it up pretty well. We don’t really know how long these products last especially if your mixing a bunch of different products?
    My original theory to why this filler has lasted so long is maybe the product wasn’t what I was told it was? But after this video I’m questioning if I should get them done anymore as I’ve also had migration of some product outside of my lip border as referenced in this video as a “moustache of filler”
    I definitely agree that filler should be treated as a semi permanent product .

  9. This is really interesting. Needs further study and to be written up in a peer reviewed journal. Thanks for posting.

  10. IV expressed concern about fillers and where they go or if they ever go…each person has said they eventually dissolve. I'm always concerned I will end up in an theatre like the desperate housewives having it cut out. The reasure me that won't happen.but how do they know

  11. This video blew my mind. I’m not surprised because some newer fillers have longer indications (2 years) and I’m sure they don’t magically stop working/disappear on month 24.

  12. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Filler is basically that. Fill up as it’s not permanent however this new evidence just shows we may be wrong. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds over the next decade as we may see the young girls who are filling their faces now maybe having problems with undissolved filler later.
    I’m tempted to try filler but for now I’ll stick to facial massage and my small lips

  13. I had tear trough filler before and I don’t think it’s ever really gone. I had it about 3 years ago or more. Also at one point my under eyes swelled up and I’m pretty sure it was an infection caused by the old filler being stuck there.

  14. Thank you, I have seen the same thing with my parent's friends who think they need "top-ups" but it never has gone down only up.
    You both seem genuine and intelligent.

  15. So true!!!! finally a Dr(x2) confirming what consumers of these products know…. I still had cheek filler in 8 years after having voluma (when it first came out) i could see it and feel it and i knew what i looked like before… Same above the lip , although Dr told me "impossible". I live in Bali and had a local Dr here inject with dissolver and got rid of it…Its fine if you like your result but i had been "overdone" and was very upset after 2 years when the filler was still there… makes me angry though that Dr will not admit this and when there is a problem with the filler most say "wait it out and don't bother with disolving it". grt work guys

  16. Hi! We are Korea's largest medical tourism service provider and have a lot of data on fillers. We would like to work together and share data. We will contact you soon. We appreciate your research and hope to contribute to it 🙂

  17. This is VERY interesting, however, it would be helpful to know how many months(time frame) of injection of pt's lips, then how many months/years later they were MRI'd

  18. Thanks to God this is a real Good Doctor, who cares more about the health of his patients than making money of them! God bless you!

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