How To Create a Smoke/Fog Brush In Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial showing how to create a smoke/fog brush using a photo of clouds.

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30 thoughts on “How To Create a Smoke/Fog Brush In Photoshop

  1. Thank you. I'm new to graphic art (first started with Gimp and later got Photoshop a couple weeks ago), and I've been wanting a cloud brush.

  2. I have a Wacom tablet I included pen pressure and it's not working no matter how softly I'm doing it, it's the same.. I'm using PS 2020…

  3. Game-changing!! Thank you! Super informative and very easy to follow along, can't believe that I went so long without using this haha!

  4. can someone fucking help meeee
    the fucking control command button doesnt fucking work, someone tell me im honestly getting so fucking mad

  5. I did everything but when I use the brush it are like some dots you could say

    Edit: Nvm Got it. my setting was on Disolve mode

  6. Great easy to follow tutorial! I seem to be have a noob moment tho every time i try to make the brush i get dots not a cloud.. Not sure what im doing wrong i have tried with differnet pics and still get like a weird group of dots of just "noise"..

  7. Looks like a great tutorial but I can't find the link on here to the cloud image. I realize this tutorial is 2 years old so maybe it was removed? Sorry if I'm missing it

  8. Is there a reason why the angle of the brush reverts back to original angle? I turn the wheel thing and for awhile it is where I want it then it reverts to where it was.

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