29 thoughts on “How To Install & Activate Windows 7 Home Premium (2016/2017)

  1. I've followed these direction exactly but I keep getting this error after the files extract. Anyone help?

    "Windows installation cannot be started from the current operating system. To install Windows, boot from the installation media, or upgrade from a supported operating system and restart the installation."

  2. Update. All worked. it now shows windows is activated. Mr. Helpful, you are very helpful, thank you thank you.. Anti_Zac, thanks for the link…

  3. This actually worked, thank you very much, you earned a sub. I couldn't find the site that he downloaded the Windows 7 loader from so i tried a different site (some of them may have viruses, i don't really know) so i got a lucky guess and tried a site and there was no viruses. This is the site: http://winactivators.com/

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