32 thoughts on “How To Install And Play League of Legends (LOL) Garena

  1. can someone help me
    I downloaded the lol manual patch note and after downloading it I opened it and then when its ready to install the LOL it said '' CANNOT FIND UNEXPECTED BUILD. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER'' can someone help me pls……..

  2. Lodi ask ko lang po sana what if may .Dat files na ako 4 po yun.
    Then diba dapat kapag. Click ko ng lol installer checking nalang kasi na dl ko na (same folder siya with the installer) pero bakit nag sstart uli.
    May tip po ba kayo para mabasa niya yung naka dl na na files? Tyia sir.

  3. Hey when I download lol it downloads really fast than usual but does not install plz make a video on this problem some one plz help i want to play lol 😢😢😢

  4. sir may i ask you somethig is league of legends will work on a windows xp computer with the specs of cpu has 2.80GHz and a 4gb ddr2 ram a 500gb hdd. could it run?

  5. dude my windows 7 ultimaye was cannot download the league of legends but the garena messenger was available to download dude plss help me

  6. why is the space required in my garena set up 7.76GB and i cant press install and the space available is 7.3GB PLSSSSSS REPLY SOON.

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