How to make cute & girly iphone wallpapers part 3 ✨ Summer inspired ☀️

Love this series, making cute iphone wallpapers customizable and for FREE! AMAZING ✨💞 And these are summer inspired!

thanks for watching guys!!!
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20 thoughts on “How to make cute & girly iphone wallpapers part 3 ✨ Summer inspired ☀️

  1. Bruh I don't understand why you would screenshot the wallpapers when you could just hit the save the image button? It'll go straight to your camera roll

  2. Hiii i am new here! I just watched your "whats on my MacBook air" and that was the first video i watched of your channel💖 i subscribed right after that video😃

  3. When I observe someone making reference to inspiration, I always reach out and say whats up. Just how long have you been constructing videos?

  4. The 3 little dots that appear when you click on a picture on Pinterest has a download image option instead to screenshot all of the pictures.

  5. Once you click on the Pinterest pic, instead of screenshotting, you can click the threee dots on the top of the page and hit download image 🙂 it’ll go to your camera roll

  6. I really want the one that one 5:25 but I can’t find it . Can you please dm me that one I followed you my insta is at xoxhayleeeexox

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