How to Reset Trusted Computers for iPhone or iPad

This video walks you through how to untrust all of the computers associated with your iPhone or iPad.

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Video Transcript:
When you connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer for the first time, you receive a prompt on your Apple device asking whether you want to trust that computer. When you choose to trust a computer, you’re agreeing to let that computer access information on your iPhone or iPad, such as pictures, videos, contacts, and much more. This means that if someone else gets their hands on your device, they can plug it into a trusted computer and have access to files on your iPhone or iPad. If you’re either not comfortable with the number of computers that have a trusted relationship with your iPhone or iPad, or you’re worried about someone getting their hands on your device and connecting it to one of these computers, your only option is to untrust all of the computers that have a relationship with your Apple device. You can do this by resetting your location and privacy settings.

And now, let’s walk through the steps to reset the location and privacy settings on your iPhone or iPad, and untrust all of the computers you’ve set up to be trusted by your Apple device.

Step 1. Tap to open the “Settings” app. The Settings screen appears.

Step 2. Select “General” in the list of options on the Settings screen. The General screen is displayed.

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the General screen, and then tap “Reset.” The Reset screen appears.

Step 4. Tap “Reset Location & Privacy” in the list of options. The Enter Password screen appears.

Step 5. Enter your password or passcode. A notification flys up from the bottom of the screen, informing you that continuing will reset your location and privacy settings to factory defaults.

Step 6. Tap the red “Reset Settings” button in the notification. The notification will disappear, and you’ll return to the Reset screen. The list of any computers trusted by your iPhone or iPad will be erased as part of restoring your location and privacy settings to the factory defaults. You’ll now be prompted to establish a trust with any computers you connect your iPhone or iPad to.

Finally, because you cleared your customized location and privacy settings, you’ll need to update that information accordingly.


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24 thoughts on “How to Reset Trusted Computers for iPhone or iPad

  1. I wish there was a way that did not reset all of the location/privacy settings…it sucks having to re do all of them.

  2. I have a problem with my iphone. I cant get it to my settings because I cant open it because of the remote management. Any other way?

  3. It doesn't work for me the pc says that "iTunes could not connect to "iphone5s" because and invalid response was received from this device

  4. I don’t need to reset it. I think. My problem is, my entire phone’s life, any time I plug it into my computer it asks me to trust this device. Since upgrading to ios 11 it now has a new thing where you have to add your password. Considering this happens every single time i plug my phone in, you can see how this would get annoying fast.

    how do i make my phone trust my computer?

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