I tried the IU diet + workout (kinda) for 3 days

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47 thoughts on “I tried the IU diet + workout (kinda) for 3 days

  1. You’re the first person I’ve watched that actually followed the diet without cheating, you even under ate, so props to you for following through! But I just have to say you don’t need to lose weight you already look amazing!! I’m shocked that there aren’t more comments telling you that you don’t need to do this 😭

  2. Hi my love, I hope you're feeling better with your body and appearance, I'm not here to judge, just to leave a message. Don't hold on to a beauty standard, be yourself, if you felt that way, ok! But if it's just to please people, please stop, your mental and physical health first.

  3. I did it wrong I've been eating regular potatoes like they're not sweet potatoes so
    Can somebody tell me if that works?

  4. I'm pretty sure that the 2 kgs lost were water weight and then when you start eating normally again, the 2kgs will come back. so it's better to have a long term diet with a good workout routine rather than something which can harm your body and cause you to not be able to get enough proteins or fibres. 🙂

  5. there’s nothng dangerous about diets like these which incorporate fasting and healthy foods if you’re doing it in a fashion that gives you enough energy (healthy energy) to function normally. also if you’re already too skinny this is obviously dangerous. if you have a good amount of excess fat on your body go right ahead i encourage fasting if you don’t have any other health problems that would make it dangerous. we should all be on a fasting eating pattern as human beings. 3 meals a day is wayyyy too much food our bodies need time to process and burn off fat. the only reason we have fat stores is for our body to use them in times where we don’t have food to digest. autophagy!

  6. OMG when I saw TWICE I literally screamed xdddd
    They have 4 years and I'm so proud of them

    (I'm new in your Channel and I love you xddd)

  7. My mom always wake me up from my sleep and due to some reason I get mad 😂😂 huh (I'm a bad kid) I have never eaten anything in first 2 hours as I woke up cz of my mooddd ugh .. but now I thinks it kinda good😂😂

  8. Listen ur so pretty tho…hey ur beautiful just the way u r dont let your inner doubts let u feel down. U can do anything! 💙

  9. Actually fasting is very healthy and very effective,I'm a Muslim and I have to fast every year for a whole month. Few years ago when I was about 13 to 15 years old I gained lots of weight and I ate all the time because of stress or boredom,one day I got sick and tired of my body I felt very heavy and very fat so I decided to lose weight,to go on a strict diet and lose all these fats,so I started fasting,only a meal during sunset and during the evening some fruits,milk and dates,and I repeated it every single day, i unfortunately forgot to weight myself before the diet but I'm pretty sure I was above 65kg,and now I'm pretty happy with the results I still need little work out, so what I want to say is that fasting is very effective and not tiring and it's very healthy for your body. Please make sure you read more about it. Thank you 😊

  10. 2 kilograms in 3 days is way too fast. This diet is basically a starvation with tiny snacks in it. This weight loss will mostly be water and not lasting. And on top of everything, you definitely did not need to lose any weight from the very beginning, your body is in a perfect healthy shape. Love your content, but this video made me super angry and super sad.

  11. The only way to loose weight is caloric defecit. It doesnt matter what food you eat. You just have to eat less calories than you expend.

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