Insert a picture into an Excel Comment Box

Insert a picture into a comment box in Excel. Cell comments are used to store notes and additional information, but you can also insert pictures into these comment boxes. A great way to save space on your spreadsheet.


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35 thoughts on “Insert a picture into an Excel Comment Box

  1. Is there a way to rotate the image in the comment? My excel keeps rotating the image when I add it and I do not need it to be rotated.

  2. HI, in microsoft for Imac2011 I could insert pic in a comment but I cannot do the same for Excel for Imac2016…..any help? Thanks

  3. I need a macro that will paste a Picture From Clipboard Into the Comment, not a picture that is save as a file/path

  4. Great tutorial! However I have one question. Excel keeps turning my pictures sideways in the comments. I don't know how to fix that. I've tried checking and unchecking the box that says rotate to fit. Any suggestions? (my pictures are all right side up in their folders before insertion)

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