15 thoughts on “Installing Windows server 2008r2 (Enterprise Edition)

  1. Share with you my experience to say. You can download cheap windows key from here:

  2. Здравствуйте, а можете подсказать как запустить подготовку к установлении windows на dell poweredge 2600.

  3. I think you can just use a new key provided by the site, you shouln't have to install it again. even if it is only for a year its still worth downloading if you want to do everything legaly.

  4. Yeh, well sighn up, its definatly worth doing! if you cant find your school in the sign up proccess ull just have to ask one of your IT teachers about it, you should be able to get from server 2003 up to the new server 2012, that gives you access to all the vertions, datacenter & standard etc. The licence keys i think last for a year. Let me know if you need any help with it, im more than happy to answer questions.

  5. I am still at school, like year 11, so will I be able to class for a student on the website, I have looked at the site and it looks good with the amount of server software you can get.

  6. If you are a student you can download all the windows server editions of off dreamspark (google it) If not you should be able to download the 180 day trial wich i have now put in the description.

  7. Where do you get the OS from as it did not look like you had to use a product key, so was it for free or if not how did you get it.

  8. Thanks Manic tuts. Great help. I'm trying to set up my Dell 2850 with Ubuntu server and I'm having some problems with configuring the Network through my wireless router. How did you check your bios for your dell? How specifically are you running your wire from the internet to your server? thanks

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