25 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max Space Grey Unboxing & Setup

  1. You got every iPhone?!?! No wonder Apple wastes money. Everyone looking at this comment please don’t put your old iPhone in the bin. Too much plastic. Also don’t hate me I have an iPad mini it’s a good iPad. Don’t waste money please. Think of the turtles.

  2. I love iphone 11 pro max im going to buy it right now cool right i think that iphone is so big i like the blak one its so even airpods right

  3. I'm literally just going to wait and sit back relax watch people buy iPhone 11 expensive while I wait here waiting for the price to drop

  4. I'm kurdish student in grade 12 in school this is my last school year if I success I will get 700$ I we'll buy iphone 7 and then I will buy iPhone 12 pro max…..2/6/2020—-16/6/2020

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