Is Natalia Grace 6 Years Old Or A 22 Year Old Sociopath?

Some people believe Natalia Grace is a little girl while others believe she is a 30 year old scam artist, let’s explore this 😱

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Author: admin

28 thoughts on “Is Natalia Grace 6 Years Old Or A 22 Year Old Sociopath?

  1. REPSQUAD BESTSQUAD!!!!!! HYPE *UPDATE* I mispronounced her name and if the sound messes with you on the part near the end just mute to read, I was trying to make it creepy but messes up, MY BAD, needs sleep goodnight *ALSO ANOTHER UPDATE* Yes that is Ready To Glare, Yes she is credited look again on screen and in the description. #REPSQUAD ILY 😍💜😍💜😍💜 Q&A on Instagram! road to 12k followers! –
    and if you wanna follow the twitter for updates –

  2. I saw the father interviewed today and he said that they also hired a home aide for her, so she wasn't actually on her own. She also did her own grocery shopping.

  3. Rushed adoptions are always something to be very careful with. In some countries, children do get separated from their parents just for the adoption industry.

  4. She is only 17 right now. Doesn't hold any of the evil characters lied about her. She's adopted again and simply portrays love and innocence.

  5. Well Rep, You Continue To Deliver Fantastic Content !!! You Continually Surpass Yourself & I'm Hooked !!! Please Keep Up The Great Work & Please Know You Are Incredibly Amazing & Thank You !!!

  6. There was a movie with this premise except the adopted girl was in love with the dad so she tried to kill the rest of the family.

    Edit: whoops Rep said it, Orphan.

  7. the Barnetts arent horrible people just desperate to get away from her and to safety for the sake of both themselves and their children. it seems like they did their best to get her the care she needed and didn't just abandon her like everyone thinks but couldnt stay with her or it would put everyone at risk. i hope they win their case and that Natalia gets put in a mental hospital or prison for the things she has done or tried to do to the Barnetts. No one deserves this

  8. This happened to me with my first wife, after 6 months I find out the bitch is 8 years older than what she claimed(our entire relationship). I’m working on abandoning her, but it takes time to plan a successful escape/getaway. I’m open to ideas regarding a successful escape/parting.

  9. According to DailyMailTv they found the birth mother. She says that she definitely had her in 2003. It was on tv today.

  10. FACTS:
    Fact 1: orphanages in other countries frequently fudge the ages of children making them more desirable to adopt.
    Fact 2: frequently in children with growth disorders puberty can start extremely early (though 8 is within the realm of 'typical' for s girl to start menses). This is called "precocious puberty".
    Fact 3: the parents are guilty even is natalia was/is an adult because she's a dependent…abandonment of a dependent is illegal regardless of age.
    Personally, I think she might be a little older than what is indicated on her original birth certificate….but not the 10+ years they were claiming she was. And I think she's being unfairly dragged on the internet…if there's even a chance that she is a child, how is this ok to do???
    I feel really badly for this girl.

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