IS THIS THE BEST TROLL PICK EVER?!? Full AP Nasus Mid – Season 8 Gameplay

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Have I found the most broken troll pick of all time? AP Nasus baby

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Author: admin

50 thoughts on “IS THIS THE BEST TROLL PICK EVER?!? Full AP Nasus Mid – Season 8 Gameplay

  1. God Ankle i love your content.
    Ankle: I thought we were gonig to see the reverse side of hentai: where the tentacles get the licking.
    thinks to self
    Ankle: Yeah that made sense…

  2. Brotha you're annoying. Sorry to be blunt but if you want more view tone it down a little you sound like you're a 13 year old 30 year old

  3. As a Nasus main and someone who has played alot of AP Nasus, I'd suggest going Liandrys after Ludens personally. Also, Summon Aery rather than Comet. Reason being is that Liandrys helps with the burn. Even more so when you Wither them. Lich Bane isn't something I'd worry about getting until your like first three items are already built because AP Nasus falls off hard if you fall even slightly behind.

    Ludens -> Liandrys -> Sorc Boots -> Your choice of AP item (I usually go either Rabadons or Crystal Scepter) -> Lich Bane -> Rabadons or Crystal Scepter (Whichever you didn't choose before)

    Reason I don't go Lich Bane is because, again, AP Nasus falls off really hard if he doesn't keep up. You want as much burst coming from your E as possible. Granted, Nasus has a little better tankiness than most mages thanks to ult meaning that whacking fools with the pimp cane is still a good option but it isn't your main option. You're still building AP. You'll still get blown up if you get caught. Focus on slappin' niggas with some Spirit Fire before introducing them to the your bitch-beatin' stick. After laning phasing you just aren't slappin' hoes AS much.

    As far Comet vs. Aery… It's a personal preference on my part. I like that Aery is more readily available and guaranteed. Comet does more damage but the CD is higher and the damage isn't guaranteed without Wither. And Withering on every poke is a huge mana dump, so… I take Aery instead. Less damage but up more often and always hits. Again, personal preference.

    This has been my experience with AP Nasus. It's my favorite non-meta build other than Machine Gun Bard/ Lulu.

    AP Nasus surprisingly counters a few midlane campions. Yasuo is the most notable. He can't Windwall your Spirit Fire. His AS is lowered by Wither meaning his trades are less affected. Spirit Fire still has Armor Shred on it so your trades are just better period while fighting on it. Only thing to really manage with Yasuo is the mobility and shield. Other than that. AP Nasus also makes for a really great poke support because Spirit Fire covers pretty much the entire width of the lane as well shredding Armor on the enemy. Between that and Wither, you literally have Exhaust built into your kit. So either double down on that or take something else instead such as Ignite or TP. Also, Spirit Fire will auto proc all three stacks of Spellthief's… Just be careful when placing Spirit Fire as to not steal minions and ward as much as possible because AP Nasus WILL just auto shove lanes when using Spirit Fire.

  4. "Graduated from the cyclopes version of Hellen Keller school of skill shots" Disgusting thing to say. Dirty dirty boy.

  5. I swear Ankle you're probably the nicest lane bully I've seen so far. You're a jerk, but a really nice one. I wouldn't even be mad if I'd have to lane against you.

  6. why not try to get as many stacks as possible? you're just blind pushing every wave with e, it's not like you're going to lose gold if you use q to farm, unless you suck at cs'ing, and you can get cdr with ap items just as easily to reduce q cooldown. seems stupid to reduce your damage output just to clear a wave in two seconds instead of 10

  7. i fuck w you because your click bait is truthful



  8. I love Nasus and I love this damage – now gonna play it couple of games as ap – from your videos it looks dope as hell :0 Thanks, Ankle

  9. LOVE YA ANKLESPANKIN. Legit my favorite league YTer out there, full gameplay, likeable guy, good player, doesnt rage or flame teammates like 90% of other League YTers. You the best man, keep it up

  10. Anklespankin do a video with lux and take ultimate hat and presence of mind. If you get a kill with your ult it is an 8 sec cooldown I'd love to see what you can do.

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