43 thoughts on “Katniss Everdeen kill President Alma Coin (The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2)

  1. Snow is already dressed up for his funeral.
    He got a white rose (they should change it to red)
    And he's wearing black

  2. My archery coach would burn her alive for holding the string behind her nose….
    "Oh, a squished nose doesn't look good for the camera"
    F*** off… Good directing follows the given reality.

  3. It’s pretty funny cause if you flip a coin there is an equal chance of landing on each side. President COIN was basically in the same mindset as President Snow. Katniss basically flipped that coin in her head but added brain and logic to the result so she could kill 2 birds with one stone.

  4. behind snow's laughter must be some real frustration. he ruled Panem for decades and a girl who was barely more than a teenager has in just two years;
    threatened his gamemakers, repeatedly humiliated the capitol on television by showing her illegal hunting skills, personally killing tributes from the favored districts, forcing the capitol to keep their promise to let two tributes win, and then being turned into the symbol of the revolution during her final interview.

    after they put her in the arena again she destroys it, causing several tributes to be rescued and triggering the revolution that eventually destroys his government.
    all of this at just 18 years old. and then she chooses to kill somebody else, leaving him to a slow death by the crowd

  5. If I were Coin I would have added a force field on that podium. Because she didn’t fully trust Katniss and was left wide open.

  6. Peeta snatched the poison from Katniss' hand after she shot Coin. She wanted to kill herself after and he prevented it. Never noticed that bit before.

    I read the books a while back but I don't remember it there right now.

  7. Considering nobody else will, I’ll say it:

    Snow is an amazing character and no matter how much you hate him he’s still a fucking legend.

  8. So, Finnick, the camera guy and others in the star squad died for nothing. Katniss didn't get to the mansion to kill snow…she didn't do anything major in that war…wish she did something or I wish that they showed us the surrender…instead we blackout along with Katniss when prim dies…sad that finnick could have been alive and be with anne :'(

  9. I know I should be focusing on the death but look how beautiful the Capitol looks. It's so grand and it makes Me want to live there besides the whole rebel thing and the Capitol raid that happened earlier in the movie but still😄😅

  10. I wish they had shown Johanna's reaction.
    Katniss destroys everything! I had been waiting for 5 years to see this man die, and then she shot an innocent lady! Damn it the girl on fire should have went up in the flames in her first hunger games like she was supposed to. Noone realises the meaning behind her name?????!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Coin is Hillary, snow is trump, Katniss is the American voter. The ppl who attack snow are the angry sjws that protest

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