30 thoughts on “KinoConsole: Stream and play PC games on Windows Phone

  1. is it a must to connect the phone and pc with the same internet? or can you play it without the same internet HELP

  2. Don't use this, remotr is free, has a better interface and is almost lag-free. Also you can customize controls on Remotr.

  3. btw, the software doesnt scan seconary drives so mmy games on my hdd not my ssd(which is all but 1 of them) have to be manually added

  4. Please help I'm trying to play games that ARE compatible with Kino console but when I launch the game I get a green screen on my phone how do I fix it

  5. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b29ff21ff7b43fc59faadc4b5154013fcfe30a363eace9b3a976acd69d8eb82c/analysis/
    Virus found

  6. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/b29ff21ff7b43fc59faadc4b5154013fcfe30a363eace9b3a976acd69d8eb82c/analysis/1458339101/

    Might be false.

  7. I have a problem, when I start the game in my phone the screen looks green and i can´t see the game. What can i do?

  8. Do I need to download the game that I need to my PC to send it to WP? Because my PC is just a netbook, I can't download such big memory consumer. Anyone?

  9. everything this guys says is a lie. he is just running his mouth, Download Antimicro and you can setup kino console on any computer game.

  10. What's happening on the PC while the game is on the phone? I'd like to try this but I'd still be at my computer. I want to put the phone into a Cardboard type device so I can play a game in VR and still use my PC controllers. Is that possible with this? Thanks.

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