35 thoughts on “Let's Play Together Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends Destiny Mode: K-Dawg's Story, Part 1

  1. Why are you so critical about Pang Tong? He is a pretty cool officer, though I haven't played as him I know what hes capable of.

  2. Im playing a new game fighting for Guan Yu, haven't watched your walkthroughs in awhile. I want to see how you go about playing destiny mode, my earlier games usually ended with me being a minor plebian. I haven't found all the outfits yet, still trying, I love using female characters myself. Going to enjoy watching your walkthroughs again, as always kick butt and take names is my motto on this game.

  3. Its been awhile since ive last played this. I just started to play it again, your walkthroughs are cool and well done.

  4. You've watched the LPs. There are missions where you can use fire to get hundreds of tactical KOs and there are missions with no enemy bases where it is worthless. I like it because it makes the game different from regular Dynasty Warriors, which has musous.

  5. Is what possible? Execution? In my comment above I said that I deliberately tried to get executed and it never happened. So my opinion is: no, it is not possible.

  6. Got a question for you, im playing destiny mode at the moment, do you think buying the fire ability is better than musou, I can never decide on that. I always buy the musou, is the fire really worth it?

  7. I talk about it a lot in the Q&A special videos I did for my 1,000 subscriber special. But no, I wasn't infantry, I was a DoD civillian. More money, less respect (that last part is completely fair considering how much less danger we're in.)

  8. I remember reading a rumor that you could be executed in this game, so I tried intentionally to fail in betrayals of officers like Cao Pi and Zhang Fei who I thought would be willing to execute you. It never happened. But yeah, I too attempted to subvert the game with intentional failure.

  9. @ShadowWolfRising Hypothetically speaking, if that were to happen, be prepared to see us playing mostly as generic officers to make it more challenging.

  10. I'm playing Destiny mode again and trying to make the worst possible character, unfortunately those timed missions are difficult for either me to survive or the person I'm protecting to do so. Not because of my lack of ability but because of the lack of commitment in killing anyone.

  11. I don't know what's up with you two, ancient China and wrestling that ALWAYS leads to wrestling references whenever you get to play something related to the Three Kingdoms.

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