42 thoughts on “Make YOUR OWN Damn Brushes. Tutorial.

  1. One brush per painting doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Of course you shouldn’t use brushes that are just shape stamps for clouds and trees but there’s a big difference between that and wisely using different brushes for subtle textures, edge manipulation etc. the brushes should do the painting for you but variety can add depth and complexity with efficiency.

  2. I realize this comment is a bit late, lol. But, have you considered making a pack of brushes and selling them? Not that making your own isn't a better alternative, but you know there would be a lot of people who would give you a little bit of extra income for something that could have done themselves. That's just human nature. Might as well capitalize on it.

  3. I just tried this method of painting after years of sketch>line art>color, I decided to break free of the details early on and just make blobs, then add colors and rough details, the finer details, got a very nice finish much quicker and found it easier to make sense of the subject going in reverse order…

    Gonna go make me a custom brush tomorrow and start branding my art with my own signature brush. 🙂

  4. Have you used clip studio on iPad? I’m wondering if the opacity/“brush density” settings are the same as what you talk about here.

  5. Have been downloading too many and got myself confused and frustrated because can,'t get the effect that I want. So what u said is true… Make own brush…

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I've just started with digital art and this helped me out a lot. Got a brush that feels pretty close to Acrylic paints with this tutorial. Instead of trying to use 20+ brushes, I now use 1 brush for painting and experimenting a lot to make my own brushes! Thanks again!

  7. still using other's brush is actually help if you actually check how they work and how other's do stuff to learn from their experience. that is what human kind quickly develop after all 😀 we not learn everything ourself rather than learn from others experiences 😀 Aka teachers

  8. Wow, very clear and concise explanations. I love it. Do you mind showing us how to create a Chinese ink brush for traditional painting effects? Thanks

  9. This is a very nice tutorial and really helps me alot… as I have been having a problem painting photoshop which all I need is just to make my own brush… tyvm for the info

  10. Забавно порой видеть иностранцев, у которых есть русская раскладка на клавиатуре)

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