Making Bamboo Fishing Rod | Ultralight Baitcasting

Fishing With Bamboo Rod :

How To Make Bamboo Fishing Rod (Ultralight Baitcasting Rod)

Bahan :
– bambu tali/apus (bisa ganti bambu hitam, ater, atau petung) menit 0:14
– akar tunjang pohon bakau (bisa ganti cork atau eva foam) menit 10:00
– reel seat fuji ptsmps 16
– ring guide fuji ul 8-7-6-5-5-4-4-4 top 4-2
– cork butt cap
– benang guide tread ncp
– sambungan sok joran 8mm
– lem epoxy resin bening

Panjang Joran :
180 cm (bawah 36cm, atas 144cm)

Jarak Ring Guide :
dari atas 6-7-8-10-12-15-18-21

Video versi spinning (pancing udang) :

Fishing Rod Strength Test :


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26 thoughts on “Making Bamboo Fishing Rod | Ultralight Baitcasting

  1. I have one from my uncle……I'm afraid of using it because it might break given it is close to 60 years old :D.
    But it was intended for pike and trout….and it's a bit more heavy.
    You've done a brilliant job and created a jewel

  2. ฝีมือสุดๆครับน้า

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