Minecraft From Day One

• Follow the journey from the first day in Minecraft… To the last…
• Apologies for the minor errors! This video was incredibly rushed!

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■ Credits & Thank You’s:
• Credit for the music goes to Kevin Macleod:

• Credit for the music goes to Dan-O:

• Credit to the map designer of Reichi Island goes to Aurelien_Sama!
• Download the map here:
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44 thoughts on “Minecraft From Day One

  1. i will never forget my first world and my first building , so i was playing on 1.2 as i remember i dont exactly remember what age i was ,( im 19 now ) i made an aerial base in a snowy biome , the whole base was made out of cobblestone and it was very ugly , it had no roof , i had snow in my house , i found diamonds and i tried to break them with a stone pickaxe , cause i had no iron.. i hope i could rejoin that world now .. i would probably cry xd, because of the nostalgia

  2. Nothing can make us forget about our Memories. I am glad to see you all here, Having fun and regreting the things we made. We had an awesome adventure, Beating Dungeons, Hordes of Zombies and even the Dragon…I am sure that you will dislike the words I say, But Today I will put that part of my life into wooden chest of History. Thanks you, Notch. Thanks you, Trecky [The Dog] and I am sorry, sorry for that I left you all alone for 10 Years, With Broken Heart and Maybe some Loyality to me. You waited for me for 10 Years, Sitting right on my bed and Looking at the window. I am really sorry…

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