8 thoughts on “Mon 2K mặc váy ngủ đỏ rực cực kỳ quyến rũ

  1. 2-k
    I'ed rather be aforrest
    Than a tree…
    If i could….i surely would…..

    I'ed rather be a breeze. than the
    If i could…i surely would……

    I'ed rather be the
    early morning light..
    than a storm .
    passing thru the
    nite !!
    if i could i surely
    would !!!! Roi
    these are parts to a song I've been working on
    Over n over

  2. Roi…..here…
    2 k/can't u hear me calling, i call ..to the
    beautiful women
    I see in you!!!
    If i had it my way i'ed
    be near you everyday..
    I guess..
    two steps forward–
    One step back
    Pulling you to me–
    then pushing u away.
    makes for a sweet
    and 😊 happy
    If u ever wonder where
    i am..look into your
    ❤ Heart.. there i
    can be found!!!!—XOXO……..

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