"Monster Tank GT44 VS Avenger T5" Cartoons about tanks

In this cartoon about tanks you will see a confrontation between two iron monsters. Mega Tank GT44 will fight with no less serious opponent Avenger T5. In this difficult battle, the GT44 tank almost defeated its rival, but for some reason the monster Dorian did not allow him to end the battle. As a result, Avenger T5 managed to survive in this battle and managed to call for help his friend, the Soviet Iron Monster KV-44 tank. Well, friends, if you like tanks and cartoons, I hope you enjoy this video. By the way, I plan to continue this episode. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the sequel, subscribe to Valhalla Toons channel and, of course, thank you friends for watching my cartoon.
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47 thoughts on “"Monster Tank GT44 VS Avenger T5" Cartoons about tanks

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  5. At 0:05 you should use that voice when tanks are talking to each other more often

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  6. Awesome
    Supreme fight

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