Most THRILLING Games of this Season – 2019/20 #2

The most exciting games played this 2019/2020 season. All games happen to be 3-3.
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37 thoughts on “Most THRILLING Games of this Season – 2019/20 #2

  1. Hey Vanemas, I love your vids and I have been subscribed to you since you had 10k subscribers. I have been inspired by you and I have decided to make my own football videos. However, the hardest part is finding clips for the football video. Some clips if you use them you might get a copyright strike. Can you please tell me where you get football match highlights.

    Thank you and have a great day.

  2. I see there is a new rule in football these days. Once the ball is in the net, the player responsible must race to a corner flag, demand to be mobbed by his team mates, then and only then, does the goal count. Bonus points are awarded for each player, substitute, etc that piles on top of the scorer. The game can resume as soon as they run out of vaseline! A maximum of 5 minutes is allowed for these celebrations..

  3. Im a man u fan and to be honest if de gea didn't have plastic paper bags as defenders we would win something this season

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