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  1. New viewer.
    Awesome video. Im looking at a phantom 3 pro to use for fishing to drop baits out further than i can cast. Have you ever done any experiments with that sort of thing.

  2. So i didn't agree about the guy said about fixing, when i bought my DJI Phantom 3 Professionl i got it with a lot of errors, like IMU error, ESC error, gimbal error etc, and i fix it one by one and today im amaze the flights with my drone. and i did a few replaces, like 2 motors and thats it. pls stop trying to make the things look ugly. You need patience and some knowledge.
    Thx. its really easy to fly.

  3. A great video, very informative
    I have just started flying the Phantom 3 advanced, what an awesome piece of kit. I have just learnt a few new things from your video
    So wish my software had the menu button, as you demonstrated. Seems Dji have updated and taken away that feature – not a good move Dji

  4. really like the part where you go in detail on the app. those are the things you don't really see a lot in reviews.

  5. 2 years after made this video, I still have my p3s and actually learnt a couple of things from this video! Of course I'm looking to upgrade but it has to be said the old Phantom 3 isn't that bad overall are they?!
    Mine's just for aerial photography so it suits me very well – just the standard has absolute crap WiFi range which is the only reason I'm thinking of changing plus it only has a 2.7 k camera not 4K.

  6. On GameStop.com

    Phantom 3 Pro: $500
    Phantom 3 Standard: $500
    Phantom 3 Battery: $36
    Phantom 3 Bag: $28
    Phantom 3 Self-Tightening Propellers: $0.24

  7. I have a phantom 3 standard and I got to say I wish I bought a pro or mavic or the phantom 4 so if you are looking to buy a drone DONT get a phantom 3 standard

  8. DJI 3 SE or DJI 3 PRO? Looking to shoot videos and take pictures. This is my first drone purchase. Which camera is better?

  9. Can someone tell me what I need to buy now in order to have a monitor now? I am not real savvy in the iphone<tablet or ipad stuff. I am 61 in march and just bought the phantom 3 pro I thought my kindle would work as a monitor, no way lol.

  10. hey flitetest, im a new subscriber. I am considering getting this as birthday gift, and was wondering if its still relevant… Is it still worth it to buy this model? i know both the 4 and mavic is out now. Should i just wait until this or the newer models drop in price? Im thinking about some other stuff instead, but if i do get a drone this one was about as much as my wallet (and my moms too) could handle currently. i found one from b & h for 799. if not, ill get something else and wait till next year. thanks!

  11. Bought a P3P today. Its used and will fly with my P4 graciously. In my view? Its still the stronger flyer between the two of them.

  12. I'm thinking of buying a P3P. A big thing for me is auto camera / flying features. Is there any automatic options, like cable cam, drawing your flight-path, automatically circle you etc etc. Can you do that with this drone?

  13. Awesome video! For the "experience" thing, I have to say that I bought on 2008 an E-Sky Lama V4 expecting it to be easy to fly and designed for noobies, the thing is never achieved a real "flight" with it, only frog-like flights like, launch, move 1 meter randomsly, land. so it was uncontrollable, even indoors!

    Last week I bought an used DJI P2 with H3-3D and a GoPro Hero4 Black. 5 minutes was the time necessarily to learn to fly it, today I achieved my first 120 meters high flight with FPV, it was the best experience I had with RC Flying, and look, I looooove RC, but it took me 8 years to try it again just because I had a shit experience with the first helicopter and felt like throwing money in trash!

    So, for me, I really recommend a Phantom for beginners, it will fly easy, and with that, you will learn how control your drone before trying some Pro stuff…

    I think you don't have to learn how to drive in a 1000HP Dragster, maybe a Prius would do a better work at it, and then, when you fill safe, try some more Handy…

    Well, that was my 2 cents in this subject, bye guys!

  14. Thanks for the review guys-well presented and concise. Is it possible to FPV the P3 using fatshark goggles?

  15. Thanks for this… Killer review I'v been looking for weeks for good in depth information on the phantom 3 pro you guys nailed it…

  16. "drop 70 buck on a indoorflyer like the mention blade-examples"…arhh instead spend 16 bucks on a X9 (nano qx clone) or spend 65 bucks on a JJRC X1 (atm price)..and perhaps 49bucks on a devo 7e + 6 bucks on a NF-module so you have an hobby grade transmitter to fly these two and have the abelity to work with the transmitter-settings, that can help on the yaw-laq on the X1 brushless where the RTF TX is lacking and the "ini's" is widely avalable so you dont need to set it up yourself.. all in all 135US incl ship. for two great quads and 1 brushed and 1 brushless with a lot of racing fun for both indoor and outdoors and a great transmitter that fitted with modules and deviation is certainly worth the money.. – ref Phantom gotta give it up for how stable footage the newer version delivers.. mindblowing solid videos.. a few years back it was +10k that results

  17. im a photography so im buying the phantom 3 but i just bought a syma x5c to learn and its so fun because know i get the feeling of flying whith ky syma and soon get amazing photography

  18. This is soon obsolete, Phantom 4 is out soon. It's like buying a phone, one day you buy a iPhone 6 next day the iPhone 6s comes out…

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