Phía Sau Một Cô Gái (DJ ver English) – Teejay Remix ft Tyo Remix

– Thông tin Bài Hát:
+ Bài hát: Phía Sau Một Cô Gái (version Remix)
+ Sáng tác: Tiên Cookie
+ Thế hiện: Bảo Kun
+ Edited by Sad- Tâm trạng

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So many times i want to tell you all my feelings instead off….
Besided you and hear you talk about him with the twinkle eyes
I feel like you’re avoiding me
It’s seem like you always understand me
Can’t interfere
And can’t let you to see my tears

Hook :
So i step back to behind
To see you clearer
And watching you from afar
More tender
My world is getting smaller just by a girl
Or i will keep silently inside you
No matter if we can’t walk together
And from there my eyes can feel serenity

There’s noone could stop the heart when it just fall in love
Please dont tell me that i have to give up
I love her….. That’s enough
Everyone wishes to be in love
I’ve waited overtime to meet and see her off
Open my eyes… I can see her smile in the sunshine


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