Photoshop CC 2018: Get More Brushes

Quick Tip: Get More Brushes in Photoshop CC 2018
Open Brushes (Click Brush Icon in Side Toolbar) or
Go to Window in upper menu…Brushes
Click on 3 horizontal lines in Upper right (hamburger menu)
🖌Click Get more Brushes
Download Brush Packs one by one
In Downloads folder on computer, simply double click
Photoshop will install brushes and organize #easy

🆕Photoshop CC 2018 has new brush defaults
The Brush Engine and interface is brand new in CC2018
Brushes are faster and much easier to organize

👍New brushes by Kyle Webster are incredible
Kyle is an artist who has sold his brushes on Gumroad for years.
Adobe recently hired Kyle and now his brushes are the default in Photoshop
They are so realistic there are over 1000 currently available to you.

📚Kyle also provided cheatsheets and videos, so I imagine more documentation is on the way with Adobe.



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Author: admin

12 thoughts on “Photoshop CC 2018: Get More Brushes

  1. WHAT IF ALL my settings are always fine but starting today Photoshop has been deleting ALL MY BRUSHES every time I open the app!! Every time I closed and restarted Photoshop, they were GONE!?!?! I would re-import them into groups all over again, save the file and close Photoshop properly. Restart it and BOOM.. they're GONE AGAIN!!! The brushes are all still in the presets/brushes folder, but what is going on and how can I fix this?? Is there a GB limit to what you can have in your presets/brushes folder by any chance?

  2. Doesn't work for me, I just get sent to an adobe page about how they got Kyles brushes and no download no nothing. I get sent to the norwegian one btw, as I live in Norway.

  3. can't i get these on photoshop 2017? so unfortunate, i can't update to cc 2018 bcs my mac is quite old 🙁 i've used kyle's brushes for so long, i'd like to have an upgraded version of his brushes. :((

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