34 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial | EASY Long Shadow Effect

  1. awesome video! Thank you to the commenters (for once) I was able to figure out that he was saying "CONTROL E" (COMMAND E) his accent made it sound like A.

  2. Hey there. How can I order graphics from you? Because I clicked the link in the description and it's a link that doesn't exist. So if you can add me on skype or something, then we can sort something out then that'll be great.

  3. You can ctrl+alt+T the black layer and move it one step in the direction of the shadow. Afterwards, you will see that you have two layers in the layer's panel. You can keep it like that or merge – the technique does not care. With the merged or un-merged layer selected, just hit shift+ctrl+alt+T. This will repeat the transformation on a copied layer.

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