Phúc Mập Trains Boxing – Saigon, Vietnam

After making the video “Phúc Mập và Bé Đạt”, I received a lot of messages about how fat I was. I decided to start working out with some yoga, but accidentally strolled into a boxing gym. I gained so much confidence that by the end of my training, I was in the ring with a Vietnamese world champion. You can guess how that turned out….
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Welcome to my channel! My name is Hurley, but the Vietnamese know me as “Phúc Mập”. I’ve lived in Vietnam for the past 5 years, meeting locals, and traveling to new places around Vietnam and Asia. This channel is to express how much I love Vietnam, its people, food culture. I hope you enjoy my videos, and subscribe to the channel.
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44 thoughts on “Phúc Mập Trains Boxing – Saigon, Vietnam

  1. ít đăng ký là vì không nhiều người biết bạn nên nhờ :bà tân Vlog…
    quản cáo giúp, kênh sẻ phát triển hơn 😉😉😉

  2. You guys better watch out, by the look of his red beard Phuc Map might have the Irish blood in him, he has the potential to be a champion one day!!!!

  3. Mặc đồ sao là quyền của mình mà .sao lại có người nước ngoài ghét tg đâu ở nước ngoài thoáng lắm chớ và tự do lắm mà

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