Pioneer DDJ-SB review

Pioneer DDJ-SB review.

The Pioneer DDJ-SB is Pioneer’s entry level controller for Serato DJ. It’s a lot smaller than the SR, SX and SZ, but it still packs some nice features. In this video we take a look at the main functions when you use the controller with the Serato DJ Intro software (limited version of Serato DJ).

In my opinion the DDJ-SB is a nice entry level controller, but I would suggest that you buy the full version of Serato DJ to really get the most out of the controller.

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!

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43 thoughts on “Pioneer DDJ-SB review

  1. the missing gain or trim knobs is no prob… just remap the two filter knobs as trims and only use the auto filter fade.

  2. Hi bro,1st of all…thanx for your awesome revieuws,u're for sure one of the best in business…(you should do more dj controllers)…you explain very well,though i'm not English spoken…I can understand all u said… Cheers bro.. 😉

  3. At 4:13 do anybody know how to use sampler 1-8? I figured out how to use the 1st 4 and switch banks but I don't know what to push to activate 5-8 sampler keys. Please help.

  4. honestly i have used this controller before but ive used it with serato intro and with virtual dj 8 all tho i will say this in my opinion and my point of view like you said in the video that you will have to look at your screen more thats not true if you know your music you just need to know at what part of the song you start to mix… oh by the way DJ TLM I would to see a video of you mixing but with out scratching using the the Rane rotary mixer with out using the crossfader

  5. Thank you for sharing all this game playboy! Liked and subscribed and I will be watching all of your videos before purchasing my Pioneer controller tomorrow

  6. Thanks for the review. Was checking out the virtual dj and now want to try out some decent entry level controller. This may be my first if not; still doing more research.

  7. This is my 1st controller and I'm getting started. I purchased two 15" Rockville speakers off of amazon for about $450 and I'm tryna decide on the microphones. Cordless or not and the headphones. Any suggestions?

  8. Does anybody know where I could download a pro version of Serato DJ for a MacBook Air..? Literally can't find a torrent anywhere for it.

  9. Great review!! The only question left is – does it still feel like your mixing on pioneer gear? With the platter movement and pitch faders ?

  10. Great review!! The only question left is – does it still feel like your mixing on pioneer gear? With the platter movement and pitch faders ?

  11. Do you ever get feedback from controllers? I just got the ddj sb2, and I'm getting feedback and a beep that goes with the flashing of the cue and play buttons on the controller. I was wondering if you had any experience with this.?

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