25 thoughts on “Power of a Vision: Brad Wolgamott at TEDxBountiful

  1. Great to see Brad again. You were the first speaker to impact me in WWDB when you were a new Emerald around 92, and always one of the most heartfelt and inspiring guys. Respect you man. God Bless.

  2. I always enjoyed Brad's talks since the early 90's. He made some mistakes, but who hasn't? He owns them and is obviously intent on making things better in his life. God Bless Brad!

  3. Your should of stayed with WWDB. You were one of my favorites diamonds when I first got involved. Oh well WWDB is doing amazing and growing like crazy.

  4. It was great to see Brad. looking at the post below i was somewhat surprise how people quit.
    I wonder if Rich Devos quite? I wonder if Ron Puryear quite? I wonder if Bill Brit quit? I wonder if Jimmy Head quit?
    The fact is,is that alot of people did not quit because of a mistake another person did.
    But one should not dictate their future do to the emotions that is connected to the individual or group via the mistakes made.
    i would of took the issues early to the ones not connected to the behavior.
    I would pray that they well have forgiveness and move forward in their life.
    Brad is an awesome guy, great to see him on TED, looks like he is moving forward. 😉

  5. talks a good talk…don't look to close you might see the flaws.
    Want to be a person of influence? walk the life you claim you live.

  6. By the way, my story had nothing to do with Brad Wolgamot! I happen to love that guy very much! Met him several times & was one of my very favorite teachers in WWDB

  7. Let me tell ya'll something! I had a pretty good business in WWDB back in 1991 to 2001 & I left it all behind because of politics! The two cardinal rules that everyone spouted off all the time, "Don't mess with someones spouse or money" & watched it happen cross line & my sponsor, my best friend & ruby direct! I put my entire heart into it & because of sweeping all of this really bad shitty politics under the rug just to hide the ugliness of greed, I walked because there was NO WAY I could continue showing the plan & looking into the eyes of a human being knowing I was lying to them! My integrity was way too important to continue with something I realized was very much evil! That's my story.

  8. I admit I am gullible for a good story, and I judge no one's heart.  I have been taken in at times by real con men who speak more eloquently and with perceived greater passion. I think I have heard about all I can take from the field of broken dreams from ex WWDB folks.  I wish him the best.

  9. He gave this talk multiple times and used the same stories many times. The story about "who pushed me in?" was created by Zig Ziglar long ago. But Brad used to offer people a way to get what he's talking about; a concrete way to develop business to get the life they wanted to live. In fact, he had it, too, and then he lost it. Now he offers nothing but feel-good-isms? Not sure I get it. Not sure I'd want to follow him again. He might just switch horses…again.

  10. 1: How do you want to feel?
    2: Who do you want to influence? – Make a mental picture.
    3: How do you want to feel when you influence them? – Focus on doing that.
    4: Change habits to take action and live like you want.
    5: Remove bad input from your life (pepole, tv etc).

  11. I never got to meet him, or even hear him speak on a WWDB stage, but despite all opinions, Brad & Leslie built a phenomenal business which I highly doubt would be around at all today if it weren't for him. (Also, I'm sure anyone who has ever learned anything from World Wide wouldn't be posting negative comments, since they clearly know there's enough negative to go around out there. No need to worry about the trash talkers, they'll always be here) I for one am proud to be on the Wolgamott Team!

  12. Dumb sob story with a splash of new-age bullshit. Brad, you're a loser. Go do something interesting, this is a pathetic cry for attention and has NO real content.

  13. I joined Brad's team back in 96 after seeing a board meeting he gave in his house in Redmond. I quickly joined cause I was 18 and right out of H.S and Brad was and probably still is a hell of salesman. I never made a dime in Amway, except $2 I think from selling something from one of my catalogs, but I have to admit I still remember many of the business/life lessons Brad shared some 17 years ago.

  14. Same jokes/speech I heard 10 years ago from him. Wonder how much "really" changed. This *IS* his Quixtar/Amway business presentation. Apparently he wanted to end up with baby mama drama because that was the result. He just truncated the part that said, "Just talk to the person who brought you here about some great input (CDs/tapes) to start"

  15. TEDxBountiful wasn't meant to be. Every talk is motivational/self-help. It ended up like a secular sacrament meeting. Oh well.

  16. At least he admitted the divorce was mostly his fault. It's no ones's business but his and his ex's. That I can respect. I think he realizes his mistake and I am glad he is working through it. Success principles work no matter what business you are in and I think he is trying to do what he knows, speaking. Encouraging others is what this country needs. And it needs to understand that the only way we are still around, is because of the free enterprise system (albeit it is under HEAVY attack)

  17. …this is the fundamental difference between Brad and WWG. He believes he knows a better way to build the business than management team does. He believes MT is outdated and restrictive. But a smart business leader understands that there is security in boundaries and unity. If he wants to be THE guy then let him. I want to develop an organization where I am irrelevant. Maybe this is the explanation for Leslie's growth after Brad left.

  18. @Kujakuseki01. If you relied on Brad Wolgamott to lead you and he hurt your business then that is your fault. The first time I ever saw the plan was from Brad and iwill quickly realized that it is the power if the SYSTEM that makes ANY business successful. Not the person. So, when Brad left it did not effect anyone in my group, negatively. In fact as I posted in other threads, Leslie's organization grew larger yo the point that she had her first Family Reunion this year…

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