24 thoughts on “ProShow Producer 5 Demo

  1. Lately I am not able to download my slice show on Producer 5 to Youtube. It constantly saying I have wrong password or name. I do not! With this password I get to Youtube itself, Gmail, of course Google. What is wrong? I was uploading about a month ago with no problem.

  2. I am looking to create ultra fast slideshows. What is the minimum "image duration" available on this software?  Thank you

  3. I tried many video editing programs. And honestly, I found Proshow Producer is the best of all of them.. It's an amazing, soft, and magic program..!!

    Keep going .!

  4. Hello Pier, the songs are 1. Rings of Saturn by Olive Musique 2. Spring in Our Step by Ben Beiny 3. Go Beyond by Wesley Devine

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